Yes! The Eco-Plastic adheres to many surfaces, including fabrics, glass, wood or metal. It will not adhere permanently and can still be removed by hand. This pen can also be used for temporarily decorating clothing. It’s best to Doodle on rough fabrics such as denim. Please don't 3Doodle on fragile as they may become damaged. Because the 3Doodler Start's low temperature, Doodling directly on laminated coffee tables, flooring, and countertops will not damage the surface. The Eco-Plastic will firmly to some plastics like polycarbonate and PET, but is still removable with effort (it may leave marks). Doodling on textured surfaces enables you to create different effects on your Doodles. For example, Doodling on glass gives a very shiny surface. Experiment and have fun!

Category: Start Use