The 3Doodler PRO allows you adjust everything: speed, fan strength, and temperature. These variables mean that the PRO can handle materials that the Create cannot, including Wood, Nylon, Copper, Bronze, and Polycarbonate. The PRO features a carbon fibre body with a silicone comfort grip. One side of the pen features an ON/OFF switch and the other side features the Fan Speed switch as well as the control port (for accessories like the Pedal). The pen features an LCD screen to show you exactly what settings you are operating on, and the display can change between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The 3Doodler PRO pen set is sold with a portable battery pack (the JetPack), a 6 piece interchangeable nozzle set, 2 unblocking tools, and a power adaptor. It also features an array of materials including Polycarbonate (clear), Wood, Nylon (white), FLEXY (black), and ABS (black).

Category: Pro Use