Perfect Pinecones

How perfect are these pinecones designed by the amazing Grace Du Prez? Try making your own Thanksgiving Doodle or Christmas Doodle with some easy stencils and a unique stacking technique. Attach them to a hoop to make a delightful holiday door wreath or display a few in a bowl all year round.

Christmas Gift Tags

Add a heartwarming touch to your Christmas gifts this year with a personalized gift tag! Pick out your loved one’s favorite holiday object (ginger-bread man, mistletoe, angel, etc.), outline the shape with your 3Doodler pen, write their name in the center, and Doodle to fill up the rest of the shape. Add a loop to the top of the tag to finish.


Don’t these snowflakes look gorgeous? Guess what, they’re extremely easy to make! Just print out this stencil, trace over it with your 3Doodler Start pen, add a loop to one end, and thread a ribbon through. Hang them up to give your home that beautiful wintery vibe.

Holiday Wreath

A wreath to use as a door or wall hanging.


Print out 4 copies of Page 1 & 4 Copies of Page 2 – Draw the Stencils

Start with Stencil A then meet up with Stencil B and attach with a bead of plastic on all the open leaves. Each section will meet up with the next section regardless if you start with A or B.

Continue attaching sections, alternating between A & B. See Construction Diagram (Page 3) to see how finished product will look.

(Note you can also do 8 of each stencil to make a wreath of all A or all B sections)