Stained Napkin Holder

A vertical napkin hodler that mimcs a Stained glass window of flowers and leaves.


Doodle two (ea.) of part “A.”

Doodle one (ea.) of parts “B,C and D.”

Please use construction diagram, on page one, as a reference.

Lay part “B” on a flat surface.

Join one doodle of part “A” perpendicular to part “B” at labeled spots.

Join part “D” perpendicular to parts “A and B” at labeled spots. NOTE: Join part “D” ALONG BOTTOM EDGE of part “A”.

Join second part “A” to parts “B” and “D” at labeled spots.

Join assemblage to part “C” at labeled spots.

Now, position assembled napkin holder. With “D” side parallel to flat surface.

Napkin Holder

A snazzy vertical napkin holder


On a flat surface, doodle five separate patterns from the template.

Remove the doodles from template and lay on flat surface.

Join part A and B at labeled spots.

Roll this construct, forming a ring. Please use construction diagram as a reference.

Hold edges of part B together, temporarly, with adhiesive tape. NOTE: Join part B edge to edge.

Join part B edges at labeled spots.

Remove tape.

Position doodles for part C with tape. (As per template,)

Join part C doodles to construct.

Now, position assembled napkin holder upright (please refer to construction diagram).

Gently flare out bottom feet by pressing down on napkin holder.

How to use: Insert end of, fan folded, napkin into top of napkin holder. Now flare top of napkin into a fan. Enjoy.