Perfect Pinecones

How perfect are these pinecones designed by the amazing Grace Du Prez? Try making your own Thanksgiving Doodle or Christmas Doodle with some easy stencils and a unique stacking technique. Attach them to a hoop to make a delightful holiday door wreath or display a few in a bowl all year round.

Christmas Wreath

Get in the spirit of the season with a creative project that brings a holiday touch to your home decor. Celebrate winter with a welcoming wreath that’s easy to customize and can dress up any door, wall, or cozy fireplace.

Holiday Wreath

A wreath to use as a door or wall hanging.


Print out 4 copies of Page 1 & 4 Copies of Page 2 – Draw the Stencils

Start with Stencil A then meet up with Stencil B and attach with a bead of plastic on all the open leaves. Each section will meet up with the next section regardless if you start with A or B.

Continue attaching sections, alternating between A & B. See Construction Diagram (Page 3) to see how finished product will look.

(Note you can also do 8 of each stencil to make a wreath of all A or all B sections)