Bookworm Bookmark

Nothing expresses gratitude more than a personalized gift, so join 3Doodler in crafting the perfect Bookmark for your favorite Librarian!

Perfect Pinecones

How perfect are these pinecones designed by the amazing Grace Du Prez? Try making your own Thanksgiving Doodle or Christmas Doodle with some easy stencils and a unique stacking technique. Attach them to a hoop to make a delightful holiday door wreath or display a few in a bowl all year round.

Decorative Trees

Doodle your own collection of simple decorative trees. Use different shades of wood filaments for a more interesting textured surface.

Wooden Bowls

Doodle your own unique, eco-chic looking bowls. Perfect for storing jewelry, accessories and other bits and bobs.

Vintage Puppets

Handcraft your own vintage puppets in different shades of wood filament!

Rowing Boats

Doodle your own little rowing boats with wood filaments.

Rocking Chair

Design your own miniature rocking chair. Use different shades of wooden filament for extra accuracy.

Simple Holidays Ornaments

These modern-looking ornaments are great for Doodlers of any level. Simply trace over the outline of any shape from this stencil to make a frame. Then add a blob of plastic to one edge and start wrapping extruded plastic around it, circling your pen around the frame as you hold it in place.

Christmas Gift Tags

Add a heartwarming touch to your Christmas gifts this year with a personalized gift tag! Pick out your loved one’s favorite holiday object (ginger-bread man, mistletoe, angel, etc.), outline the shape with your 3Doodler pen, write their name in the center, and Doodle to fill up the rest of the shape. Add a loop to the top of the tag to finish.

Mini Christmas Trees

Make these adorable mini trees to decorate your mantelpiece or dining table! Print out this Christmas Trees stencil and follow the video tutorial below to make your own set of trees in minutes! Add tiny ornaments to dress it up any way you like.

Christmas Wreath

Get in the spirit of the season with a creative project that brings a holiday touch to your home decor. Celebrate winter with a welcoming wreath that’s easy to customize and can dress up any door, wall, or cozy fireplace.


Don’t these snowflakes look gorgeous? Guess what, they’re extremely easy to make! Just print out this stencil, trace over it with your 3Doodler Start pen, add a loop to one end, and thread a ribbon through. Hang them up to give your home that beautiful wintery vibe.

Spider Web

This project is perfect for the whole family! Simply print out the stencil in different sizes to make cobwebs for both kids and adults. There’s so many things you can do with it: you can attach the cobweb to your shirt, pin it in your hair, or even decorate corners of your house!

Halloween Headbands

Print these stencils & Doodle your own cute unicorn, arrowhead or flying bats headband.

Sassy Cat Mask

This project uses the Make Your Own Mask Activity Kit to DIY a Sassy Cat Mask for kids, but who says adults can’t do the same?

Pumpkin & Ghost Glasses

Take the Make Your Own Eyeglasses Activity Kit and cover it in Halloween colors, for a fun accessory to wear for Trick or Treat!

Slit-Throat Choker

For those who don’t want to go over-the-top with their costumes, but want something that achieves that eerie effect in a subtle way, this slit-throat choker necklace is the perfect accessory.

Creepy Crawly Pins

If you don’t want to dress up but would still like some element of Halloween on you, this project is perfect for you! Decorate your plain t-shirt or hat with creepy spiders, cockroaches and other scary bugs.

Floral Earrings Stencil

Doodle your own stunning floral earrings. Check out the different styles on our tutorial page and follow along.

Wedding Cake Topper

Having trouble finding your dream wedding cake topper? This project requires no artistic skills, yet gives you something that looks so good your guests will think it was professionally made.

Photobooth Props

Your guests are going to love crowding around the photo booth area with these striking 3Doodled props.

Wedding Place Cards

An alternative to traditional paper place cards, these Love Doves will allow you to get creative and display an elegant addition to your wedding centerpieces.

Mother’s Day Orchids

Because nothing is more heartwarming than a handmade Mother’s Day gift. Thank Mom with this beautiful Handmade Orchid gift, which she will treasure forever.

Summer Vibe Pins

Deck out your favourite beach bags, hat and clothes with these Pinterest-worthy Pins!

Napkin Holder

A snazzy vertical napkin holder


On a flat surface, doodle five separate patterns from the template.

Remove the doodles from template and lay on flat surface.

Join part A and B at labeled spots.

Roll this construct, forming a ring. Please use construction diagram as a reference.

Hold edges of part B together, temporarly, with adhiesive tape. NOTE: Join part B edge to edge.

Join part B edges at labeled spots.

Remove tape.

Position doodles for part C with tape. (As per template,)

Join part C doodles to construct.

Now, position assembled napkin holder upright (please refer to construction diagram).

Gently flare out bottom feet by pressing down on napkin holder.

How to use: Insert end of, fan folded, napkin into top of napkin holder. Now flare top of napkin into a fan. Enjoy.