Pumpkin & Ghost Glasses

Take the Make Your Own Eyeglasses Activity Kit and cover it in Halloween colors, for a fun accessory to wear for Trick or Treat!

Floral Earrings Stencil

Doodle your own stunning floral earrings. Check out the different styles on our tutorial page and follow along.

Wedding Cake Topper

Having trouble finding your dream wedding cake topper? This project requires no artistic skills, yet gives you something that looks so good your guests will think it was professionally made.

Wedding Place Cards

An alternative to traditional paper place cards, these Love Doves will allow you to get creative and display an elegant addition to your wedding centerpieces.

Summer Vibe Pins

Deck out your favourite beach bags, hat and clothes with these Pinterest-worthy Pins!

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul. Simplified for 3Doodler.


Make the separate parts as you create the stencils. Follow the letters for order.

Start to create parts. Follow the letters to see which joints to connect. Look at Layout guides to see the layout of parts and placements.

Use the arcs in stencil to create domes. Respective arcs are by the parts it belongs to. Create as many arcs as you want to match the density of the dome you want.