Spider Web

This project is perfect for the whole family! Simply print out the stencil in different sizes to make cobwebs for both kids and adults. There’s so many things you can do with it: you can attach the cobweb to your shirt, pin it in your hair, or even decorate corners of your house!

Halloween Headbands

Print these stencils & Doodle your own cute unicorn, arrowhead or flying bats headband.

Sassy Cat Mask

This project uses the Make Your Own Mask Activity Kit to DIY a Sassy Cat Mask for kids, but who says adults can’t do the same?

Pumpkin & Ghost Glasses

Take the Make Your Own Eyeglasses Activity Kit and cover it in Halloween colors, for a fun accessory to wear for Trick or Treat!

Slit-Throat Choker

For those who don’t want to go over-the-top with their costumes, but want something that achieves that eerie effect in a subtle way, this slit-throat choker necklace is the perfect accessory.

Creepy Crawly Pins

If you don’t want to dress up but would still like some element of Halloween on you, this project is perfect for you! Decorate your plain t-shirt or hat with creepy spiders, cockroaches and other scary bugs.

Photobooth Props

Your guests are going to love crowding around the photo booth area with these striking 3Doodled props.

Desktop Catapult

A Desktop Catapult to liven up the office.


Make sure on the front arm of the catapult that the long sides run the full length of the arms with continuous strands.

Build all 4 parts then attach them together.

Then have fun flinging peanuts or dried beans at your friends!




Make 4 walls on paper and fill it from left to right and vice versa, then make the roof.

Put the roof on top of the walls.

Doodle the body of Snoopy and Woodstock freehand. Add eyes, nose and a dog colar to the Snoopys body – NO EARS!

Then doodle Snoopy on top of the roof and add ears. Last but not least doodle Woodstock to the feet of Snoopy.

Note: freehand doodling of Woodstock is a bit difficult due to the size (very small). You need to get fast forwards and backwards also on the slow speed of the 3Doodler.

You may consider to print a picture in the right size and doodle on paper. Add more layers for a better 3D effect on both sides of the Woodstock Doodle.

Hipster Glasses

Hipster Glasses template for the inner hipster in everybody


Doodle one of the front frame (A) and two of glasses arms (B)

Peel off stencils and attach Front Frame (A) with Glass Arm (B) at B1

Rest the front face against a wall while you attach the arms to the frame


A sunfish is a strangely looking fish that looks like a fishhead with a tail.


Make the body, fin, and tail stencils. Make multiple layers when need to be. Look at the layer color chart to see the number of layers you need to create the height.

Attach two body parts together at its outlines

Attach Fin-A and Fin-B on top and bottom of the body(at J-1 and J-2), as seen in the finished product picture.

Attach the tail on the end of the body(at J-3), as seen in the finished product picture.

Attach Fin-C and Fin-D on opposite sides of the body(at J-4 and J-5), as seen in the finished product picture.

*bonus flat version needs no further work other than making the stencil