Napkin Holder

A snazzy vertical napkin holder


On a flat surface, doodle five separate patterns from the template. Remove the doodles from template and lay on flat surface. Join part A and B at labeled spots. Roll this construct, forming a ring. Please use construction diagram as a reference. Hold edges of part B together, temporarly, with adhiesive tape. NOTE: Join part B edge to edge. Join part B edges at labeled spots. Remove tape. Position doodles for part C with tape. (As per template,) Join part C doodles to construct. Now, position assembled napkin holder upright (please refer to construction diagram). Gently flare out bottom feet by pressing down on napkin holder. How to use: Insert end of, fan folded, napkin into top of napkin holder. Now flare top of napkin into a fan. Enjoy.
Category: craft