Make 4 walls on paper and fill it from left to right and vice versa, then make the roof. Put the roof on top of the walls. Doodle the body of Snoopy and Woodstock freehand. Add eyes, nose and a dog colar to the Snoopys body - NO EARS! Then doodle Snoopy on top of the roof and add ears. Last but not least doodle Woodstock to the feet of Snoopy. Note: freehand doodling of Woodstock is a bit difficult due to the size (very small). You need to get fast forwards and backwards also on the slow speed of the 3Doodler. You may consider to print a picture in the right size and doodle on paper. Add more layers for a better 3D effect on both sides of the Woodstock Doodle.
Category: play