Perfect Pinecones

Use easy stencils and a unique stacking technique to create perfect pinecones designed by Grace Du Prez. Make a wreath for Christmas and Thanksgiving or display a few in a bowl all year round.

PowerDoodler V-Twin Engine

In response to overwhelming interest and feedback, our resident PowerDoodler, Samson Wong, has put together this action packed advanced 3D pen project tutorial. We’ll be walking you through creating a V-Twin Engine with your 3Doodler – it even has moving parts! Are you up for this latest challenge?

Bold Floral Drop Earrings

These charming Floral Drop earrings instantly add a delightful and youthful look to any outfit. Using an oven baking technique, this DIY project will leave you with a store-quality statement piece.

Dainty Hepatica Earrings

Pull your hair back to let these gorgeous, stylish earrings take center stage.

Petite Pearl Floral Earrings

These simple, floral earrings instantly adds an elegant touch to any outfit.

Mother’s Day Orchids

Because nothing is more heartwarming than a handmade Mother’s Day gift. Thank her with this beautiful Handmade Orchid, which she will treasure forever.

Mixed Media Flowers

There are so many ways to use a 3Doodler pen, but we especially love Esra’s mixed media approach using tulle fabric! Try her technique yourself to create your own quirky flowers or other mixed media Doodles.

Handmade Beads

We are in love with these simple & stunning handmade beads, created by Grace Du Prez, using the 3Doodler Start 3D printing pen and our biodegradable plastic range.

Cozy Holiday Phone Cases

With the 3Doodler Start and our environmentally-friendly Eco-Plastic you can "knit" your phone a holiday sweater of its very own!

Eggspressive Easter Eggs

Freshen up your Spring time home-decor with some colorful hand-Doodled Easter Eggs.

Crochet-Inspired Easter Eggs

Try something new this Easter with these beautiful crochet-inspired Easter Eggs.

Upcycled Pineapple Jar

Don't throw away used glass containers, upcycle them into awesome and useful tropical jars!

Handy Coin Purse

Create yourself a nifty little coin purse that can stash all your extra change. Pick your favorite FLEXY strand colors and make your pouch match your personality!

Grace’s Framed Flowers

Freshen up your interior decoration with some delightfully Doodled framed flowers!

Erica’s Travel Tags

Whether you're headed for a long-haul flight or a quick weekend getaway, personalizing your luggage is the best way to help you keep track of your things!

Travel Pins Tutorial

What better way to commemorate all the amazing places than by decorating with adorable Doodled mementos?

Erica’s Mesmerizing Masks

To create the perfect costume elements, we turned to resident fashion expert and Power Doodler Erica to give us an easy to follow guide that's sure to turn heads.

3Doodler Start: Desktop Gremlin

Organize your stationary and office supplies and keep your desk clean with these helpful Doodled gremlins.

3Doodler Start: Hoppy the Robot Frog

Combining creativity with STEM learning, the new motor and battery pack included with the 3Doodler Start Robotics Pen Set or Activity Kit means you can create your own moving robot froggy friends.

Shooting Star Tassel

This shooting star tassel is easy to make, pretty to look at, and has a wide variety of uses.

Flamingo Desk Clock

Make your own sassy Flamingo Desk Clock with the 3Doodler Start Product Design Activity Kit.

Puppy Earphone Wrap

This project is super easy and practical, one of our top-picks for beginners!

Decorative Geometric Hearts

Learn how to create your own 3D geometric heart in your favourite color and style.

Holiday Wreath

Celebrate winter with a welcoming wreath that’s easy to customize and can dress up any door, wall, or cozy fireplace.